– Retro Vintage Brabantia Cannisters

I’ve been a very busy bee on ebay lately and found these over in the Netherlands, from a very nice Dutch seller. What is it about the Dutch, they are all so polite, well when it comes to retro vintage sellers. These are spanking new in condition. I want the matching breadbin / box  I’ve seen many moons ago. So that’s my next mission. I was delighted she had packed them so well and arrived in pristine condition and with a lovely note and gorgeous paper. I love getting letters and parcels. It’s like being a child again, really excited when the postman brings you something other than junk mail or a bill. Hope you like these, I think they are fab and can’t wait to have them  out on display when I can find some room.


Hello world!

heiress apparent logoWell here it is, my first posting on my Heiress Apparent blog. For those of you who are interested, here is a short bit about Heiress Apparent. Heiress Apparent the company, was born on 09 09 09 – it seemed like a good date choice at the time. It’s a small designer maker studio based in Worcestershire. 

I am an artist/designer specialise in utilising and reworking vintage fabrics, screen and Gocco printing and custom creations. The items range from the small stocking filler gifts that won’t break the bank to custom furniture pieces that take considerable man hours to produce.

Sum Heiress Apparent up in a nutshell = Quirky, beautiful things with a vintage twist for the eco-conscious style minded.

Sum me up in a rather larger nutshell = I love anything vintage. I spend an inordinate amount of time trawling ebay for vintage finds, car boot sales at unearthly hours, flea markets, jostling with the elderly at jumble sales and sitting patiently in auction houses for that dream lot. I’ve worked in the creative industries for the last 18 years – i’ve been a graphic designer, a director of music videos and TV commercials, a film-maker, an animator, an artist and have settled with utilising my love for vintage and making things, oh and i’m currently writing two books … slowly.