– Retro Flower Power Tea Service Ceramics – “Dolly Days”

Yet again I’ve been very busy on ebay and have taken possession this week of a lovely retro flower power tea service called Dolly Days by Hostess created by in the 70s. Unfortunately, the majority of the set arrived in bits due to poor wrapping, or lack of it, but with some negotiation on the price paid, I’ve ended up with a quarter of the set at a quarter of the price paid. Unfortunately the most coveted pieces such as the sugar bowl and the jug arrived in a very sorry state, but I did manage to salvage a set of four afternoon tea trios. Here is a pic of one of the trios. I just love the simple design and the bright colours. Now to finish the set with four dinner plates and that elusive jug and bowl.

Dolly Days Tea Trio by Hostess (John Russell)


Dolly Days - Sugar Bowl, alas arrived in a sorry state


Dolly Days Side Plate - 😦