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Social Suicide

After a few days laid up with flu or something equally disgusting, I’m back to the grindstone, but not up to full speed. Have a pile of new fabric to turn into purses but hands too cold to sew right now. Doesn’t help it’s -3 outside and seems to feel like that permanantly in the studio space when you are run down.

Sofa patchwork pieces coming on a treat. Aiming to have those ready for the reupholstery two weeks or so time, ahead of time, whereas website ridiculously behind schedule, so looks like New Year new start for that and for lots of other things.

A friend was kind enough to shove me in the direction of Social Suicide  a week or so ago, it was love at first sight … men are so lucky sometimes. The tailoring on these is just exquisite, absolutely impeccible – Simon & Tig  I love you both. You are total geniuses, you have  motivated  me today to get my creative head back in the land it should be.

A few choice examples of their work follows. I had to narrow my list down else you’d have had at least 20 photos here!

Razzle in my Pocket


A favourite of mine is Bench Mark, no photo I’m afraid. Marked with green on back (think – sitting on a wet paint bench and you’re there) it’s adorned with a reverse brass plaque made in the most intricate gold embroidery – the lettering reading Social Suicide – no peace for the restless. Makes me smile just thinking about it.

If you can get to see a “shark” suit jacket in person, check it out, it’s gorgeous, simple … inspired, it’s all in the detail. And no, I have nothing to do with these people … I just wanted to share some bloody good design and originality in a world of mundane men’s clothing.


Bondi Beach is like a sunny Aberystwyth

Bondai Beach

I had to add this on to my blog as it just makes me chuckle every time I pass this Express Newspaper clipping sitting in my drawer, dating back to November 29 1997. Those of you who have been to Bondi Beach and Aberystwyth can make your own judgements on the accuracy of this. I just love the headline. It makes me think of my childhood home town in a different light.