– Hello Duck. Vintage 60s Tin Toy

Here is my cute little tin toy a wind up from the 60s I found on ebay, just itching to be bought by yours truly. He sits on my studio shelf along with various other clobber gathered on my travels.


– Jason I love you. Kandya Mad

Model C3 'Jason' chair

I had to share this gorgeous Jason chair with you by Jacobs & Guille for Kandya
(1953). Simply stunning. 

An early production example of the 1953 model re design. Single sheet beech laminate seat, onto white painted steel rod base finishing in metal feet.

This was Frank Guille’s first commission for Kandya, where he was appointed design consultant. A set of six is going to set me back in the region £1250. I think I’ll wait until my toddler is a little older before investing in these, and just admire from afar. As I don’t much fancy seeing them after she’s attacked them with the point of a pencil for five minutes when bored and I am making dinner!

Trimma cabinet Frank Guille for Kandya Ltd 1956

 Whilst I am sharing my design passions here is a beautiful cabinet I just love, the Trimma cabinet again by Frank Guille for Kandya.  It is solid beech, painted and veneered plywood with glass. An important and rare example of Guille’s functional yet refined designed ideals alas I missed out on this treasure. I’m really after a lovely 50s pale blue white and black one which I saw in a house in Brighton some while back. Great for displaying the vintage ceramics with cupboard doors pulled back for a sneaky peak. I’m still searching high and low for one even vaguely similar, I appreciate it will cost me dearly, but I can dream. Until then, there’s Ikea which is far more toddler friendly!

– Retro Flower Power Tea Service Ceramics – “Dolly Days”

Yet again I’ve been very busy on ebay and have taken possession this week of a lovely retro flower power tea service called Dolly Days by Hostess created by in the 70s. Unfortunately, the majority of the set arrived in bits due to poor wrapping, or lack of it, but with some negotiation on the price paid, I’ve ended up with a quarter of the set at a quarter of the price paid. Unfortunately the most coveted pieces such as the sugar bowl and the jug arrived in a very sorry state, but I did manage to salvage a set of four afternoon tea trios. Here is a pic of one of the trios. I just love the simple design and the bright colours. Now to finish the set with four dinner plates and that elusive jug and bowl.

Dolly Days Tea Trio by Hostess (John Russell)


Dolly Days - Sugar Bowl, alas arrived in a sorry state


Dolly Days Side Plate - 😦

– Jessie Tait – Another Sad Loss to Design

Another of my other huge inspirational design figures has also died recently. Jessie Tait died aged 81 on 14th January.  She was well known as the chief designer for Midwinter, I have fond memories of growing up with her ceramics as part of my grandmothers kitchenware and later I started to collect some of her pieces. Below is a photo of some of her work from a book, alas not owned by me. As you can see her designs remain very contemporary and modern. I just love the simplicity of the design. Her obituary can be read here in the Guardian.

– Retro Vintage Brabantia Cannisters

I’ve been a very busy bee on ebay lately and found these over in the Netherlands, from a very nice Dutch seller. What is it about the Dutch, they are all so polite, well when it comes to retro vintage sellers. These are spanking new in condition. I want the matching breadbin / box  I’ve seen many moons ago. So that’s my next mission. I was delighted she had packed them so well and arrived in pristine condition and with a lovely note and gorgeous paper. I love getting letters and parcels. It’s like being a child again, really excited when the postman brings you something other than junk mail or a bill. Hope you like these, I think they are fab and can’t wait to have them  out on display when I can find some room.

– Lucienne Day – A Sad Loss To The Design World

Starting my first blog of the year with a rather downturned mouth I’m afraid after hearing the news that Lucienne Day passed away on 30 January 2010, at the age of 93. She’s always been my favourite designer and I’ve absolutely loved her work. She was a true inspiration and is a huge loss to the design world. Here are just a few of her fabrics and my ever mentioned Converse Trainers using her gorgeous fabric calyx designs. A link to her obituary in The Guardian can be found here.

Below are just some of my favourites of her fabric designs.

Dandelion Clocks & Calyx